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Dear clients,

welcome to the short “tour” around club Mecca, which is easy to find in the thriving part of Prague, in Holešovice.



The club has undergone extensive renovations in 2012. The result of this reconstruction is a multifunctional space that meets the demanding requirements for corporate and private events, PR presentations, fashion shows and many other social events.



Club premises are divided into three floors; on one of them is located gallery and the exclusive VIP section of the club. Perfect acoustics, high-quality sound system and modern lighting and presentation equipment comply with expectations of our clients on technical aspects of their corporate events.



Sophisticated interior, professional staff and high level of our services create a pleasant environment for work, rest and entertainment.

Private & Corporate events





Club Mecca = credible partner for your corporate and private events.

Comfortable and safe entry to the club is ensured by two separate entrances, which can be used either simultaneously or individually.


Through the entrance hall lead two separate staircases to the main hall. Guest dressing rooms are located on the sides of each staircase.

Club disposition

and interior equipment






Background facilities






Mecca has proper facilities for both guests and event organizers. Bathroom facilities are in sufficient number placed on each floor, guests can be served at any of the big high-speed bars located on all levels of the club. Organizers can use the dressing rooms for artists, offices for their production team and our professional technical and personnel support.



Club safety







The safety of our guests is ensured by our security staff who are present throughout the whole event. The whole club is equipped with modern fire detection system, five fire exits and system of heat and smoke removal.





Directly behind the entrance hall is located the main area of the club.  The room is divided into two height levels and despite its size, this attractive disposition creates welcoming and friendly atmosphere.



At the front of the hall is located variable stage, which can be adjusted according to customer demand. On this floor are located three bars that are capable to quickly serve a large rush of visitors, without affecting the high level of quality and service.


From the hall lead stairs directly to the other two floors (1st underground floor and 2nd floor)

Main hall (1st floor)


2nd floor with

gallery and skybox


Another hall of Mecca is located on the second floor. This floor is connected with the first floor by gallery, which gives a unique view of the stage and part of the dance floor. Guests therefore cannot miss any speech or presentation and become part of the program in the main hall.



The area offers a sufficient number of seats, and because it is a quieter zone, it is also an excellent place for conversations with colleagues and friends.



This room can also be rented separately during the club production.



The exceptional place that will make every event even more special. Unique, modern private space, which allow sitting with only the company one chooses is located on the second floor of the club.



It is the world of undisturbed privacy offering fun and relaxation, but also a place for realization of business deals, important meetings and decisions.


The one-way vision glass wall together with private gallery offers the guests a perfect view of the main stage and the whole club. Skybox is equipped with its own air conditioning, LCD-screen and a volume control to ensure maximum comfort.

Underground floor

The third hall of Mecca is located in the first underground floor. The room is equipped with its own air conditioning and ventilation, bar and bathroom facilities. The space can be audio-visually linked with the main club space or it can be used separately to organize alternative program.



This room can also be rented separately during the club production.


Events that can be hosted at Mecca.

Mecca is an interesting multifunctional space that meets the demanding requirements for hosting many different events:


  • corporate or private parties and meetings, 

  • presentations of products and services, 

  • conferences,

  • gala dinners, banquets,

  • unconventional business meetings,

  • trainings, courses,

  • press conferences, PR presentations and other media events,

  • concerts,

  • fashion shows,

  • proms, graduation parties or the after party, 

  • birthday parties,

  • and many other events.



Mecca puts great emphasis on the quality and high standard of our catering services. Whether your idea is to have international or traditional cuisine or you prefer modern trends such as raw and fusion cuisine or gluten-free food options or you would like to have special culinary performances on your event, we are always striving to meet your needs. We use only the freshest ingredients and meals are prepared with the utmost precision.






Our professional bartenders know that being a bartender means to be hospitable, social and human. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our bars will be a real treat for any of our visitors. Our professionally trained bartenders devote exceptional care to the composition and preparation of cocktails and it is the preparation of beverages where our clients most appreciate the personal attention, reliability and speed of service. 



Years of experience of the management of Mecca and cooperation with a broad portfolio of partners enable us to offer our clients comprehensive services in the preparation of business events including promotions with links to the media.


  • design, printing and distribution of invitations, programs and menus,

  • design and preparation of themes and decorations,

  • creation and arrangement of entertainment program

  • singing and artistic performances,

  • hosting services,

  • photographer services, creation and processing of video footage from the event,

  • preparation of menus and wine selection, preparation of themed cocktails, 

  • translation services and assistance services,

  • gifts for guests, flower decoration,

  • arrangement of guests accommodation and transportation for and after the event.


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